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RRR Meat Mix ~ Pork Belly Burnt Ends


· 4-5 lbs. skinless pork belly cut into 1” cubes

· RRR Meat Mix BBQ seasoning rub >>> ORDER HERE:

· 2 cups of your favorite spicy & sweet BBQ sauce

· 12 pats of butter

· ¼ cup Honey or Agave Nectar

· ½ cup of brown sugar

· ½ cup apple juice


Phase I (Smoking Phase)

Fire up smoker set at 240-250 degrees

Cut pork belly into uniform 1”-1.5” cubes and place in large bowl

Liberally season cubes with RRR Meat Mix until all surfaces well covered

Place cubes on wire racks leaving small space between each cube to allow smoke

Place racks on smoker for 2.5 hours at 240-250 degrees

Phase II (Braising Phase)

Remove racks from smoker and place pork into foil pans (bottom layer only)

Drizzle pork with honey or agave nectar lightly

Add ½ cup of BBQ sauce to each pan

Add ¼ cup of apple juice to each pan

Sprinkle ¼ cup of brown sugar into each pan

Place 6 pats of butter in each pan

Stir all ingredients until all cubes well covered in the mixture

Seal foil pans with foil tightly and place back on smoker at 275 degrees for 1 hour

Phase III (Firming Up The Glaze Phase)

After one hour of Phase II, remove pans and remove foil, drain all drippings in pan.

Add ¼ cup of BBQ sauce

Sprinkle a light coating of more RRR Meat Mix

Stir cubes well to coat

Back on smoker uncovered at 300 degrees for 30-40 minutes or until the sauce gets sticky/tacky. I prefer them dark mahogany and well rendered like picture here.

Serve & Enjoy one of the seventh wonders of the world! -- Pure Meat Candy

Take then to a party, and be the one the brings the food item everyone will rave about!!


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