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The BEST Dry Rub & Grilled Chicken Wing Recipe!order-rrr-meat-mix/c54h

Ingredients: (serves 3-4)

- 2-3 lbs of chicken wings rinsed and dried on paper towels

- 2 T extra virgin olive oil

- Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing for dipping


Rinse wings under cold water and place on paper toweled cookie sheet and allow to dry for 15-20 mins.

Place dry wings in large bowl and mix in olive oil and combine well with wings.

Season wings liberally with RRR Meat Mix until each wing is well coated.

Place bowl in refrigerator for 1-2 hours and allow to marinate.

Pull wings out 1/2 hour before grilling to allow them to lose their cool (room temp).

Grill wings on BBQ grill on medium heat rotating them frequently for 25-35 minutes (outside should be browned with some edge blackening as in the picture above). Be sure you grill wings until internal temp. is 165-170 degrees.

Serve dry rub wings with favorite dip. ENJOY. Buy rub here>>!order-rrr-meat-mix/c54h

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