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Rub yo' meat with love!

~R.R.R. Meat Mix BBQ Rub~

Making meat great since 2010
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R.R.R Meat Mix is the brain child of Colorado pitmaster, art and antiques dealer, and entrepreneur Mike Raunig. This rub was developed almost 2 decades ago, and over a period of the following 3 years, Raunig tweaked ingredients, and proportions to come up with an all purpose rub for any kind of protein before finally settling on the current secret recipe. It was primarily developed for use with slow cooked smoked meats to develop a beautiful crust or "bark" as the pros call it. This seasoning just nails a crispy, smoky, spicy and sweet crust on your slow roasted or smoked meats, and adds a savory & slightly sweet zip, with just the perfect spicy zip to most any recipes from fajitas, meatloaf, grilled shrimp, fantastic on chicken, etc. Of course it's out of this world on classic BBQ  ribs, pulled pork, brisket as well as steaks, burgers and fish. The only limitation is your imagination, and you'll find yourself seasoning many dishes with this versatile seasoning.


R.R.R. Meat Mix is a Raunig Rib Rub Company product.

A Raunig Art Enterprises company.

 ~Highlands Ranch, Colorado~

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